We’ve Cracked the Code on Culture

Our tight-knit team of brilliant engineers are our “secret sauce.” Want to join them?

What Sets our Squad Apart

While our software powers some of the biggest retail brands around, our amazing team of engineers who bring those solutions to life are our top asset. 


Walk through our engineering department (aka the ‘Engineering Cave’) and you’ll notice the dim lighting, the quirky desk decorations and cool artwork. You’ll also see self-driven, purposeful engineers loving their jobs and enjoying each other’s company at the same time.


This sharp team is primarily made up of graduates of Georgia Tech, and while everyone’s  technical chops are top shelf, they also really enjoy spending time together inside and outside the office. 

You’ll regularly find members of the team engaged in activities like:

  • Monthly roundtable chats

  • Group lunches

  • Social gatherings

  • Company-sponsored charity events

  • Activities like paintball & escape rooms

  • Even going skydiving as a group!

Due to the people, it’s fun here! Everyone is nice, and smart! The owner’s door is always open.


HR is very nice. QA is very cool. Just positive, good, people. It’s hard to maintain a culture like this, but we do.

Nitin, Account Engineer

Enjoy Big-time Benefits

We have a saying that is very important to us as a company: “Take care of the client. And take care of yourself.” It’s critical for you to strike the ideal work/life balance, and making that a priority is one of many reasons why we have a very low turnover rate. 


Our company is built around making you a great engineer, and our benefits are built around making you a well-rounded person.


These are a few highlights of the generous benefits package you’ll enjoy as a member of our team:


  • Flex Fridays: Imagine getting a Friday off every month to do side projects, run errands or just do nothing. With seniority, your number of Fridays off will increase!

  • Core Hours: Everyone is here between 10am-3pm, and how you self-manage your time outside that to get your job done is totally up to you. 

  • Insurance: Our top notch Health and Life Insurance plans will protect you.

  • 401k & Profit Sharing: You may not be thinking about retirement yet, but we’re thinking about it on your behalf. 

  • *Amazing* Snacks: Enough said. 

Hands-Off Management Style

We hire self-driven people motivated to solve problems without needing to be micromanaged.


If you need guidance, your coworkers are always there and management doors are always open.


You’ll also enjoy occasional check-ins with supervisors to chat about projects, or about anything else. 

This is not a dream. This is your dream job. 


We're always up for a chat with bright engineers.