Break New Ground in the Software Space

Join a software team developing world-class, cloud-based, enterprise applications for major companies. Our leading product, MerchLogix, is a retail merchandising software suite that powers many of the world's biggest brands. 

Code for Big-time Brands

If you’ve walked into a number of highly recognizable retail chains recently, chances are good that several of them are clients of our firm.


Imagine being able to make meaningful coding contributions that improve the lives of tens of thousands of users across the country and positively impact how they work?


If you’ve got a strong engineering mindset, we have many types of projects and roles including:

  • Front End

  • Middleware

  • Database

  • Operations

  • DevOps

  • System Administration

  • Account Engineer

  • Mobile

  • QA Automation

  • QA Analyst

This is a community that can make a difference for the people who our software supports. The minute you come aboard, you can contribute.


90% is important work, and when done it goes to tens of thousands of people that use it. I can go into a store, see something I worked on, see it first-hand and feel proud!

Erik, Middleware Architect

It Takes a Team

At Nead Werx, you’ll be able to make an impact right away. A hallmark of how we work on complex software solutions is that anyone can contribute to solving the end user’s problems.


While some young engineers find themselves in a cubicle at a corporation cranking out code that will never make it into production, every member of our team is able to bring fresh ideas to help our clients achieve their goals. 


Why find yourself as just another number at one of the large industry players when you can make an important impact right out of the gate?


No matter who you are, you’re gonna come out better than before and better than other companies.


At the end of the co-op, you’ll know more here and go do whatever you want. Or stay here! You’ll be equipped to do everything you want to do.

Ty, Mobile Team

Consider Our Co-op Program

Our award-winning Co-op program with Georgia Tech allows their best and brightest to get real-word experience in a software engineering environment.


Whether this leads to full time employment with our company or simply strengthens you to become the best engineer possible, you’ll find this program very rewarding.


Contact us to discuss this opportunity. 


We're always up for a chat with bright engineers.